If you are just looking for a glimpse of the news story in Kyiv, you may find a lot of bad news such as the financial crisis, corruption, wars and all forms of discomfort in this country. However, Kyiv is much more than all bad news in Google. In this town, they have a lot of interesting things related to art. Starting from buildings, great museum and annual event. This is my second week I was in Kyiv, but I had already a lot of wonderful activities here.


My second week journey started in Mikhail Bulgakov museum. Do you know who is Mikhail Bulgakov? He was a Russian writer and playwright active in the first half of the 20th century. He is best known for his novel The Master and Margarita, which has been called one of the masterpieces of the 20th century. Formerly, this museum is the home of Bulgakov itself. This museum has two floors. Everything was orderly and well maintained.
In this museum still has many relics Bulgakov goods, such as appliances work as a doctor, a dining table , old photographs he and his family, and the most interesting part there is a secret room of Bulgakov that can only be seen if we turn off the lights from the other room. Actually, I was very amazed when the lights turned off, I saw a lot of glittering star of the room and there is a table swaying themselves. I do not know if it was an illusion or something mystical. If you are a person who likes art, uniqueness and historical things this probably is one of the places you can visit while in Kyiv!


Well, this is the second place I visited in my second week!! I adored with this museum. When I entered this museum, I was amazed by the grandeur and elegance of this place. At the entrance there is a large and beautiful staircase surrounded by many of the paintings were painted by famous painters in the 20th century. On the second floor, the museum is divided into several areas of the collection of paintings. Firstly, oriental collections are the collection that originated from China, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and some other Asian countries. Second, is a collection from the regions of Europe such as Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, and Italy. Also, there are several collections of Saudi Arabia territory. Overall, this museum is very interesting to visit and you will not regret it!


The last activity I did in my second week this is a global village. What is the global village? Global village is an activity undertaken by an organization AIESEC to introduce to all citizens of the Ukraine to find out more about the countries that presented by the interns. Global village is done in two places, the first conducted in Lyodovyi Stadium and second in Khreshchatyk Street. At the same time when the global village was held in Lyodovyi stadium, there is also a color holy festival. That festival held by the citizens of the Ukraine to play ink colors being thrown in the air or to fellow citizens. In addition, there is also a loud thumping music that adds to the excitement at the festival. Not less exciting on Khreshchatyk Street, at the same time there is also a national day event for youth people and many citizens of Ukraine who came to see the various events there as there are music festivals, various games, performances of modern dance, and the global village. In my opinion, Kyiv is a city that was amazing, Kyiv is the city that never sleeps or tired, Kyiv is a city that is always awake, open and always enlivened by the interesting event every day.