Kiev or Kyiv is the capital and largest city of Ukraine, located in the north central part of the country on the Dnieper River. The population in July 2013 was 2,847,200 (though higher estimated numbers have been cited in the press),making Kiev the 8th most populous city in Europe.


Explore Kyiv is a project where many people from different part of the world come together to stay and work as a team. They mainly explore the city and check out new things. Its their duty to write articles about the beautiful city and increase the tourism of the city.


I am an Indian Citizen and a part of Explore Kyiv project, there are many students from all around the world staying and participating in this particular project. Its been almost one week that we have come to Ukraine and discovering the beautiful city. Its been an amazing experience so far and hope to see many more things in the upcoming weeks here in kyiv. This city has diverse culture with beautiful landscapes and monuments. The people in this city are very helpful and interesting, even though there is a very big communication gap they try to help us in some or the other way, Ukraine has had a history which is very great to know and i feel everyone should know about it. The city life in Kyiv is so different from other European countries or may be any other country in the world. If you all don't know, Ukraine is the second cheapest country in Europe after Moldova which makes functioning so much more easier, Be it be public transport, shopping, or food, everything is so cheap people can enjoy themselves.


The past few days have been very beautiful in this city, the first day we had the opening ceremony where we spoke to various people of Kyiv and other people from other parts of the world, it was fun knowing them and working together with them, we had various games and interactions to know each other so that we could work together as a team well, we walked around the beautiful city with the cameras always in our hands and eyes wide open to not miss anything. We used all the famous transportation of the city like marshrutka (minibus), Metro, taxi and really its quite interesting and different. The other days we went to the Bessarabskaya area, Kreschatik street, poshtovaya area ,arch of friendships, kreschaty park. These are the must visited places with beautiful surroundings and atmosphere . The interns met with the Delegates of Ukraine and were divided into groups and given a task to make a short video of different interesting things of the city.


We had an opportunity to visit the kiev Water Museum, it was a great place with a lot of things to learn. Its a must visit place. It is located in the city centre on the hill.

We learned various things like

• How to save and conserve water

• how important water is for human being and important facts of water

• how water is distributed around the city

• The sewage line and where all the water goes

• The history of water system in the city

• Various uses of water

We were allowed to go to the top of the museum where there was a balcony and you could see the view of the entire city of kiev. It was a very interesting and beautiful place . There were many activities in the museum and you could play around with a few attractions .