It was a tough and sufferingnight of a 15-hour long flight. Finally I landed here, with all my passion and expectation to start a brand-new life with the lovely Ukrainian people. By the time I landed there was no signal in my phone and my flight was delayed by almost 1 hour, so I was just so scared that my personal coach Lena, who should be waiting for me at the airport may have gone. But truth was she just has waited there till Iappeared with no more complains, and I just thought my all full trusts to people here paid well.

One of the most interesting things in the bus that we took is, there was one signal in the window and Iamazingly found Chinese words on it! And Lena just said that it was special for me. :)

Then finally I met my lovely interviewer Inna. She isso cute and full of energy all the time, which made me feel so home. And I just couldn’t helpto praise the magical wind in Ukraine, because I never had that while there is so hot below the sun, the wind is magically so cool!

So here goes for the next day. It was my first time to meet my team members and I was so nervous because I came late and I don’t knowanybody.However, just as Innasaid, they are really kind peopleand there was like no barrels between us. The first locationwe wentis the Museum of History of Kyiv, and we had lovely Victoria to introduce all the staff to us. She beganto talkfrom the ancient history of Kyiv, telling ever detail and every piece of the far away events. I was so interested in the book that she said aboutancient alphabet dates back to the 9thcentury. Every amazing symbol of that book seemed can tell a beautiful story of its own.

Next stop is the amazing Golden Gates. It’s a complicated building, and I just couldn’t seefrom its appearance that it was the entrance to ancient Kyiv. And Lada from Ukraine tells me that it has some copper in the gate but people like its shinning appearance under the sun so they called it golden.

We were lucky to getthe chance to enter there. Each stair I climbedamusedme by this historical meaning. And each floors of the building displayed us different view of the city. When wewere on the top of the Golden Gate, people who were below us look sosmall and we could see the St. Andrew Cathedral and many European styled buildings. 

And then we went to abeautifulstreet of Arts,which is called Peyzazhna Alley. It was so adorable because I have never seen such things with so much creativity, and once again I just wish so hard that I could have come earlier. But of course, now is not too late for me, too!

Anyway, I never thought that I could say so many things which happenedjust in two days. It’s so amazing here. I mean it. I really wish I could make some differences and develop myself here.

After the first day of exploring Kyivtrip, I have already fell in love with this lovely group, the friendly people, the green gardens, the classical buildings, the clean street and so on. Last but not least I want to say: thank you Lena, thank you Inna, thank you Nastya,and thank you all.